Welcome to ReadMHK

ReadMHK is a 9 month, all ages reading program aimed at building connections through books, shared experiences and conversations within our community. Each month has a different topic with reading suggestions for all age groups. We will use these topics as a springboard for podcasts featuring local citizens in addition to special events.


ReadMHK builds community through sharing experiences and providing diverse reading opportunities.


Each month’s topic will inspire these special events ranging from book discussions to guest speakers.


Meet local citizens who care deeply about these topics.

Book Lists

Recommended titles for each topic are available for all ages.


Everyone is invited to join the ReadMHK online Reading Challenge on Beanstack.


We will have a prize drawing every 3 months for gift cards to local businesses.

Monthly Topics

September - K-State First Book

First Book

The K-State First Book (KSFB) program helped inspire ReadMHK, and so our first topic will include the 2022 chosen book, “The Unthinkable” by Amanda Ripley. This book explores how people react and survive when disaster strikes. Join K-State students by reading “The Unthinkable,” a past K-State First Book, or disaster preparedness-related books.

October - Immigrant Experiences

People leave their home for another country for many different reasons from accepting a new job or reuniting with family to escaping conflict and seeking asylum. Read a book written by an author who is an immigrant or one centered around immigration stories. Visit the Manhattan Afghan Resettlement Team (MART) website to learn about families resettling in our community.


November - Military Life


Fort Riley has been a large part of the Manhattan community for many decades. To celebrate Veterans Day on November 11th and to recognize the service members in the community, we encourage everyone to read books about military life, visit Fort Riley and talk to veterans and other service members.

December - Exploring Beliefs

There are many holidays, celebrations and observances throughout the year that are important parts of people’s cultures and beliefs. Learn about them and more by exploring books centered around a culture or belief outside of your own. Check out our booklists on Beanstack for recommendations.


January - Poverty Awareness


January is Poverty Awareness month, which is a good time to understand the challenges many people in our community face and what we can do to help support them. For this month, we challenge ReadMHK participants to read books centered around poverty and to learn about the resources our community provides.

February - Civil Rights

Civil rights are personal rights that prohibit discrimination and protect our freedom. Read a book centered around civil rights to explore and understand historical and current issues and movements. Log in to Beanstack to find curated booklists with recommendations.


March - Disability Awareness


It’s Disability Awareness Month and the 32nd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Read nonfiction books that highlight the lives of trailblazers and fiction books exploring characters with disabilities.

April - LGBTQIA2S+ Authors

At the end of April, Manhattan has its Pride Parade and Festival organized by Little Apple Pride. To join the celebration, read books with queer main characters or by queer authors. Visit our website to find LQBTQIA2S+ resources for adults and teens.


May - Mental Health Awareness


May brings attention to the large role mental health plays in everyone’s life. To observe Mental Health Awareness Month, read books to learn how to better care for your mental health or ones featuring mental health stories.

ReadMHK Events