YA Suggestions

  • Suggested Activities/Materials

    Please suggest activities or materials that you want to try/make/explore/do that could be placed in the teen zone room as a “passive program.”

    A passive program is any kind of interactive activity or materials left out in a public space for people to try/make/explore/do without active supervision from staff. This can be as low-tech as arts and crafts or as high-tech as robotics kits. Some search terms that you can use to find ideas are any combination of: teen / maker space / passive program / STEM / STEAM / libraries / school. You can explore any direction that you want with this.

    Feel free to suggest expensive things like 3-D printers, but try to also include activities/materials that cost less to balance out the expensive ideas. Ideally, we would want to be able to have an activity last at least 1 month for around $100 worth of materials but I’m open to looking at ideas outside this budget range if it is re-usable.

    Have fun!

  • Please include the URL of site where you found this idea (it can be a URL with a product for sale or it can be a URL with instructions for a craft/activity)