Book Kit List

Book Kit List

Welcome to our Book Discussion List! Here, you can explore a curated collection of captivating books available for request through our ILL (Interlibrary Loan) Program. Whether you’re an avid reader or seeking a specific title, our diverse selection caters to various interests and genres.

To navigate the list, use the search bar to find specific titles or authors you may be looking for. Each book entry includes the title, author, quantity available, and the library it belongs to. If a book catches your eye, click the “Request” button next to the library name to start the borrowing process.

TitleAuthorQuantityLibraryRequest Link
100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The WindowJonasson, Jonas10Lebo PLRequest
100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The WindowJonasson, Jonas11Wellington PLRequest
1984Orwell, George10Ottawa PLRequest
1984: A NovelOrwell, George9Independence PLRequest
5th WaveYancey, Richard12Clifton-Clyde SchRequest
7 Habits Of Highly Effective PeopleCovey, Stephen30Hutch CF-ERequest
90 Minutes In HeavenPiper, Don10ValleyCenter PLRequest
Abandoned And Forgotten: An Orphan Girl's Tale Of Survival During World War IITannehill, Evelyne10Whitewater PLRequest
Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-time IndianAlexie, Sherman15Lyons PLRequest
Adventures Of Tom Sawyer, TheTwain, Mark15Louisburg PLRequest
After The StormCastillo, Linda13Hutch PLRequest
Afterlives Of TreesTownley, Wyatt9Ellinwood LibRequest
Age Of MiraclesWalker, Karen Thompson10Wellington PLRequest
Al Capone Does My ShirtsChold­enko, Gen­nifer11Wellington PLRequest
Al Capone Shines My Shoes: Tales From Alcatraz #2Choldenko, Gennifer11Wellington PLRequest
Alcatraz Vs The Evil LibrariansSanderson, Brandon20Hesston PLRequest
AlchemistCoelho, Paulo10Wichita PLRequest
Alchemist, TheCoelho, Paulo8Independence PLRequest
Alchemist, TheCoelho, Paulo, author.5Newton PLRequest
AlephCoelho, Paulo10Wichita PLRequest
Alice Network /Quinn, Kate.12Salina PLRequest
Alice's Adventures In Wonderland: And Through The Looking-glassCarroll, Lewis15McPherson PLRequest
All Adults HereStraub, Emma8Emporia PLRequest
All Systems Red /Wells, Martha,6Salina PLRequest
All The Children Are HomeFrancis, Patry14Emporia PLRequest
All The Light We Cannot SeeDoerr, Anthony8McPherson PLRequest
All The Light We Cannot SeeDoerr, Anthony22Pratt PLRequest
All The Light We Cannot SeeDoerr, Anthony10Wichita PLRequest
All The Light We Cannot See :Doerr, Anthony,7Salina PLRequest
All The Lonely PeopleGayle, Mike10McPherson PLRequest
All True Travels And Adventures Of Lidie NewtonSmiley, Jane10Wichita PLRequest
All-girl Filling Station's Last ReunionFlagg, Fannie20Pratt PLRequest
American Dirt /Cummins, Jeanine.12Salina PLRequest
American MarriageJones, Tayari10Emporia PLRequest
American PastoralRoth, Philip10Wichita PLRequest
American Revolution, 1776: I Survived SeriesTarshis, Lauren11Wellington PLRequest
Among The HiddenHaddix, Margaret Peterson10McPherson PLRequest
Ancillary Justice /Leckie, Ann.7Salina PLRequest
And The Mountains EchoedHosseini, Khaled10Gridley PLRequest
And Then There Were NoneChristie, Agatha10Wichita PLRequest
Angela's AshesMcCourt, Frank13SCKLSRequest
Angela's AshesMcCourt, Frank11Wichita PLRequest
Angels BurningO'Dell, Tawni8Hutch PLRequest
Anil's GhostOndaatje, Michael10Wichita PLRequest
Animal FarmOrwell, George10Ottawa PLRequest
Animal Farm.Orwell, George, 1903-1950, author.5Newton PLRequest
AnnihilationVanderMeer, Jeff10Independence PLRequest
Apples Never Fall :Moriarty, Liane,4Salina PLRequest
Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz, TheRichler, Mordecai10Independence PLRequest
AquariumShehori, Yaarah14Emporia PLRequest
Aristotle And Dante Discover The Secrets Of The UniverseAlire Saienz, Benjamin10McPherson PLRequest
Aristotle And Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe /Sáenz, Benjamin Alire.6Salina PLRequest
Art ForgerShapiro, B. A.10Wichita PLRequest
Art Of ForgettingPagan, Camille Noe10Wichita PLRequest
Art Of MendingBerg, Elizabeth10Wichita PLRequest
Art Of Racing In The RainStein, Garth14Emporia PLRequest
Art Of Racing In The Rain: A Novel, TheStein, Garth3Independence PLRequest
Art Of Rivalry :Smee, Sebastian,10Salina PLRequest
Artcurious :Dasal, Jennifer,10Salina PLRequest
Artemis :Weir, Andy,6Salina PLRequest
Artemis Fowl: Graphic NovelColfer, Eoin20Ottawa PLRequest
Astronaut Wives ClubKoppel, Lily10Wichita PLRequest
Atomic City GirlsBeard, Janet15Emporia PLRequest
AtonementMcEwan, Ian18Dodge City PLRequest
AtonementMcEwan, Ian6KCK PLRequest
AwakeningChopin, Kate13SCKLSRequest
Baby's BonesAlexander, Rebecca9Hutch PLRequest
Bad FeministGay, Roxane10Wichita PLRequest
Baking Cakes In KigaliParkin, Gaile10McPherson PLRequest
Baking Cakes In KigaliParkin, Gaile10Wichita PLRequest
Barn Cat /Mori, Kyoko,5Salina PLRequest
Be Careful What You Sniff For: Magic Bone #1Krulik, Nancy E11Wellington PLRequest
Be The Bridge : Pursuing God's Heart For Racial ReconciliationMorrison, LaTasha, author.10Newton PLRequest
Beam Of LightCamilleri, Andrea8Hutch PLRequest
Beartown : A NovelBackman, Fredrik, 1981- author.12Newton PLRequest
Beautiful Crime :Bollen, Christopher,6Salina PLRequest
Beautiful Mind: The Life Of Mathematical Genius And Nobel Laureate John Nash, ANasar, Sylvia14Independence PLRequest
Beautiful RuinsWalter, Jess10Wichita PLRequest
Because Of Winn-DixieDiCamillo, Kate14Parsons PLRequest
Becoming Mrs. Lewis :Henry, Patti Callahan.6Salina PLRequest
Bee SeasonGoldberg, Myla10Wichita PLRequest
Beet FieldsPaulsen, Gary15Andover PLRequest
Before I Go To SleepWatson, S J11Burlington PLRequest
Before The FallHawley, Noah11McPherson PLRequest
Before The FallHawley, Noah10Wichita PLRequest
Before We Were YoursWingate, Lisa10Wichita PLRequest
Before We Were Yours :Wingate, Lisa,13Salina PLRequest
Behind YouWoodson, Jacqueline6Independence PLRequest
Being Mortal: Medicine And What Matters In The EndGawande, Atul10Wichita PLRequest
Bel CantoPatchett, Ann10Wichita PLRequest
BelovedMorrison, Toni15SCKLSRequest
Below The Edge Of Darkness :Widder, Edith,7Salina PLRequest
Bend In The RiverGibbs, Susan8Wellington PLRequest
Bend In The River, TheGibbs, Susan7Kingman Carnegie LibraryRequest
Bend In The River, TheGibbs, Susan8ValleyCenter PLRequest
Benefits Of Being An Octopus, TheBraden, Ann10McPherson PLRequest
Best Christmas Pageant EverRobinson, Barbara6KiowaCoPLRequest
Best Christmas Pageant EverRobinson, Barbara28McPherson PLRequest
Best Christmas Pageant EverRobinson, Barbara12Wellington PLRequest
Between The World And MeCoates, Ta-Nehisi15Wichita PLRequest
Bewilderment :Powers, Richard,6Salina PLRequest
Big SleepChandler, Raymond6Hutch PLRequest
Big Stone GapTrigiani, Adriana10Wichita PLRequest
Bishop's WifeHarrison, Mette Ivie10Wichita PLRequest
Black CakeWilkerson, Charmaine20Emporia PLRequest
Black PantherCoates, Ta-Nehisi10Wichita PLRequest
BlackhouseMay, Peter9Hutch PLRequest
Blackthorn Key #1Sands, Kevin11Wellington PLRequest
BlameAbbott, Jeff13Hutch PLRequest
Bleeding KansasParetsky, Sara11Independence PLRequest
Bleeding KansasParetsky, Sara10McPherson PLRequest
BloodrootGreene, Amy9Independence PLRequest
Blue Bottle ClubStokes, Penelope J.10Wichita PLRequest
Blue NightsDidion, Joan10Wichita PLRequest
Blue Revolution : Unmaking America's Water CrisisBarnett, Cynthia, 1966-4Newton PLRequest
Body Scout :Michel, Lincoln,6Salina PLRequest
Bonesetter's DaughterTan, Amy10Wichita PLRequest
Book Of BonesConnolly, John10Hutch PLRequest
Book Of Bones, AConnolly, John10Kingman Carnegie LibraryRequest
Book Of Hope :Goodall, Jane,6Salina PLRequest
Book Of Lost Names /Harmel, Kristin,12Salina PLRequest
Book Of Three: Prydain Chronicles #1Alexander, Lloyd12Wellington PLRequest
Book ThiefZusak, Markus15Inman PLRequest
Book Woman Of Troublesome Creek /Richardson, Kim Michele.12Salina PLRequest
Booked To DieDunning, John12Wellington PLRequest
Border Queen Caldwell: Toughest Town On The Chisholm TrailO'Neal, Bill10Wichita PLRequest
Border SongsLynch, Jim10Independence PLRequest
Born A CrimeNoah, Trevor10Wichita PLRequest
Born A Crime :Noah, Trevor,11Salina PLRequest
Box ChildrenWyse, Sharon15SCKLSRequest
Boy In The Striped PajamasBoyne, John6KCK PLRequest
Boy In The Striped Pajamas, TheBoyne, John8Independence PLRequest
Boy Who Harnessed The Wind: Creating Currents Of Electricity And Home, TheKamkwamba, William9Independence PLRequest
Boy Who Steals HousesDrews, C. G.15Emporia PLRequest
Boys From Biloxi /Grisham, John,6Salina PLRequest
Boys In The BoatBrown, Daniel12Emporia PLRequest
Boys In The BoatBrown, Daniel10Wichita PLRequest
Boys In The Boat Nine Americans And Their Epic Quest For Gold At The 1936 Berlin Olympics, TheBrown, Daniel10Independence PLRequest
Boys Of SummerKahn, Roger3Ellinwood LibRequest
Boys Of Summer, TheKahn, Roger10Independence PLRequest
Brave New WorldHuxley, Aldous9Independence PLRequest
Bread GiversYezierska, Anzia10Wichita PLRequest
Breaking PointBox, C J10Wellington PLRequest
Breath :Nestor, James,8Salina PLRequest
Brighty Of The Grand CanyonHenry, Marguerite15Ottawa PLRequest
Bring Me BackParis, B. A.14Wellington PLRequest
Broken :Lawson, Jenny,6Salina PLRequest
Broken For YouKallos, Stephanie10Wichita PLRequest
BrooklynToibin, Colm10Gridley PLRequest
Brothers Grimm Complete Fairy Tales, TheGrimm, Jacob & Wilhelm10Independence PLRequest
BruteKlaassen, Mike37Park City PLRequest
Buddha In The AtticOtsuka, Julie10Wichita PLRequest
Building Academic Vocabulary, Teacher's ManualMarzano, Robert J and Debra J Pickering15McPher EiESRequest
BunniculaHowe, Deborah and James12Ottawa PLRequest
But Not For MeKline, Jack15Louisburg PLRequest
Call Of The WildLondon, Jack10Louisburg PLRequest
Call Of The WildLondon, Jack10Ottawa PLRequest
Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?Chast, Roz, author, illustrator10Newton PLRequest
CanadaFord, Richard14Wellington PLRequest
Candy­makersMass, Wendy12Wellington PLRequest
Carry The DogGangi, Stephanie10McPherson PLRequest
Case Of The Tattletale RabbitMcKnight-Theis, Lois20Kingman Carnegie LibraryRequest
Cat's CradleVonnegut, Kurt8Independence PLRequest
Catch-22Heller, Joseph10Independence PLRequest
Catherine Called BirdyCushman, Karen16Sterling HSRequest
Center Of EverythingMoriarty, Laura14SCKLSRequest
Center Of EverythingMoriarty, Laura10Wichita PLRequest
ChaperoneMoriarty, Laura10Wichita PLRequest
Chaperone, TheMoriarty, Laura15Independence PLRequest
CharlatanBrock, Pope7KCK PLRequest
Chasing The Falconers: On The Run #1Korman, Gordon11Wellington PLRequest
Chasing VermeerBalliett, Blue12Ottawa PLRequest
Chicken Sisters /Dell'Antonia, K. J.,10Salina PLRequest
Child Of Light /Brooks, Terry,6Salina PLRequest
Children's BlizzardLaskin, David10Wichita PLRequest
ChocolateHarris, Joanne7Little River PLRequest
Chocolate Chip Cookie MurderFluke, Joanne20Lyons PLRequest
Chocolate TouchCatling, Pa­trick­ Skene11Wellington PLRequest
Chocolate Touch, TheCatling, Patrick10Emporia PLRequest
ChosenPotok, Chaim8Wellington PLRequest
Christie Affair, Thede Gramont, Nina8McPherson PLRequest
Christmas CarolDickens, Charles5Wellington PLRequest
Christmas Carol, ADickens, Charles8Emporia PLRequest
Chrysalids, TheWyndham, John8Independence PLRequest
Cider House Rules, TheIrving, John8Independence PLRequest
CipherFord, John15Seneca PLRequest
CirceMiller, Madeline10Emporia PLRequest
Circe : A NovelMiller, Madeline, author.17Newton PLRequest
Circling The SunMcLain, Paula24Pratt PLRequest
Circling The SunMcLain, Paula11Wellington PLRequest
City Of EmberDuPrau, Jeanne15Ottawa PLRequest
City Of EmberDuPrau, Jean19Sterling HSRequest
City Of Ember, TheDuPrau, Jeanne12McPherson PLRequest
City We Became /Jemisin, N. K.12Salina PLRequest
Class MomGelman, Laurie10Wichita PLRequest
Cloister WalkNorris, Kathleen10Wichita PLRequest
Cloud Cuckoo Land :Doerr, Anthony,10Salina PLRequest
Code Name VerityWein, Elizabeth10Independence PLRequest
Coffee Club MysteriesVarious Authors6Kingman Carnegie LibraryRequest
Coffee Club Mysteries: 6 Whodunits Are Brewing In Small-town KansasFranklin, Darlene8Hutch PLRequest
Cold Millions, TheWalter, Jess20Emporia PLRequest
Cold Sassy TreeBurns, Olive Ann10Ottawa PLRequest
Collections Of NothingKing, W D10Wichita PLRequest
Color Of LightRichards, Emilie10Wichita PLRequest
Color Purple, TheWalker, Alice7McPherson PLRequest
Commitments, TheDoyle, Roddy8Independence PLRequest
CommonwealthPatchett, Ann20Pratt PLRequest
Complaint Free WorldBowen, Will10Haven PLRequest
ConfessionsMinato, Kanae12Hutch PLRequest
Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court, ATwain, Mark5Independence PLRequest
Conspiracy Of StarsCole, Olivia A7Wellington PLRequest
ContactSagan, Carl10Winfield PLRequest
CoralineGaiman, Neil5Sterling HSRequest
Cordelia's JourneyHart, Hazel14Emporia PLRequest
Corelli's MandolinDeBernieres, Louis10Wichita PLRequest
Corpse At The CarnivalBellairs, George15Hutch PLRequest
Cover Her FaceJames, P.D.8Hutch PLRequest
Cowboy's Lament : A Life On The Open RangeMaynard, Frank10Wichita PLRequest
Cracked SpineShelton, Paige8Hutch PLRequest
CracksKlaassen, Mike35Park City PLRequest
Crane Wife, TheHauser, CJ20Emporia PLRequest
Creatives On Creativity :Brouwers, Steve4Salina PLRequest
Crispin: The Cross Of LeadAvi9Parsons PLRequest
Crooked Letter, Crooked LetterFranklin, Tom13Independence PLRequest
Crown's GameSkye, Evelyn6Wellington PLRequest
Cup Of Kindness :Bassett, Jennifer,5Salina PLRequest
Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-timeHaddon, Mark10Gridley PLRequest
Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-timeHaddon, Mark10Wichita PLRequest
Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time, TheHaddon, Mark11Louisburg PLRequest
Cutting For StoneVerghese, Abraham11Wellington PLRequest
Cutting For Stone: A NovelVerghese, A.6Independence PLRequest
Dangerous TalentElkins, Charlotte9Hutch PLRequest
Dark Is RisingCooper, Susan18Sterling HSRequest
Dark Matter :Crouch, Blake,6Salina PLRequest
Darkness At NoonKoestler, Arthur10Independence PLRequest
Darkness Outside Us /Schrefer, Eliot,6Salina PLRequest
Daughter Of TimeTey, Josephine15SCKLSRequest
David And GoliathGladwell, Malcolm5Derby PLRequest
Day The World Came To Town :DeFede, Jim,5Salina PLRequest
Day The World Came To Town: 9/11 In Gander, NewfoundlandDeFede, Jim10Wichita PLRequest
Dead Wake: The Last Crossing Of The LusitaniaLarson, Erik10Wichita PLRequest
Death By DarjeelingChilds, Laura20Lyons PLRequest
Death In A Strange CountryLeon, Donna9Hutch PLRequest
Death Of A RainmakerLoewenstein, Laurie12Hutch PLRequest
Death Of Vivek Oji /Emezi, Akwaeke,12Salina PLRequest
Defending JacobLanday, William10Gridley PLRequest
Delicate TruthLeCarre, John13Wellington PLRequest
Department Of Sensitive CrimesMcCall Smith, Alexander15Hutch PLRequest
Destiny LostCooper, Michael D.12Hutch PLRequest
Diary Of A Misfit :Parks, Casey,6Salina PLRequest
Diary Of A WaitressMeyer, Carolyn5HamiltonCoPLRequest
Diary Of A Wimpy KidKinney, Jeff16McPherson PLRequest
Diary Of A Young GirlFrank, Anne15Wichita PLRequest
Diary Of A Young Girl, TheFrank, Anne7Independence PLRequest
Dictionary Of Lost Words, TheWilliams, Pip7McPherson PLRequest
Difference Maker: Making Your Attitude Your Greatest AssetMaxwell, John C.18Cowley CCRequest
Different ClassHarris, Joanne10Hutch PLRequest
Dinners With Ruth :Totenberg, Nina,8Salina PLRequest
Dinosaurs Before Dark: Magic Tree House #1Osborne, Mary Pope11Wellington PLRequest
Dirt CreekScrivenor, Hayley9McPherson PLRequest
Discovering Wes Moore: My StoryMoore, Wes9Ottawa PLRequest
Dispossessed :Le Guin, Ursula K.,6Salina PLRequest
Djinn City /Hossain, Saad Z.,6Salina PLRequest
DocRussel, Mary Doria10Independence PLRequest
DocRussell, Mary Doria10Wichita PLRequest
Dodge City : Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, And The Wickedest Town In The American WestClavin, Thomas, author.12Newton PLRequest
Dog's Life, ACameron, W. Bruce13Wellington PLRequest
Dog's Purpose /Cameron, W. Bruce,7Salina PLRequest
Doll People: Doll People #1Martin, Ann M5Wellington PLRequest
Dopesick : Dealers, Doctors, And The Drug Company That Addicted AmericaMacy, Beth, author.12Newton PLRequest
Dreams From My FatherObama, Barack10Holton PLRequest
Dreams From My Father: A Story Of Race And InheritanceObaman, Barack2Independence PLRequest
Driving Miss Norma :Bauerschmidt, Tim10Salina PLRequest
DryHarper, Jane13Emporia PLRequest
DryShusterman, Neal13Emporia PLRequest
DryHarper, Jane11Hutch PLRequest
DuneHerbert, Frank13SCKLSRequest
Dutch House :Patchett, Ann,6Salina PLRequest
Eagle's QuillThomson, Sarah L11Wellington PLRequest
East Of EdenSteinbeck, John8Independence PLRequest
Eat, Preay, Love: One Woman's Search For Everything Across Italy, India, And IndonesiaGilbert, Elizabeth14Independence PLRequest
Educated :Westover, Tara,10Salina PLRequest
Educated: A MemoirWestover, Tara10Burlington PLRequest
Educated: A MemoirWestover, Tara10Wichita PLRequest
Egyptian, TheWaltari, Mika5Independence PLRequest
El PasoGroom, Winston10Wichita PLRequest
Eleanor & ParkRowell, Rainbow10SCKLSRequest
Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely FineHoneyman, Gail11Emporia PLRequest
Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely FineHoneyman, Gail10Gridley PLRequest
Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine :Honeyman, Gail,10Salina PLRequest
Elegance Of The HedgehogBarbery, Muriel8KCK PLRequest
Ellen FosterGibbons, Kaye13SCKLSRequest
Enchantment Of RavensRogerson, Margaret7Wellington PLRequest
End Of Your Life Book ClubSchwalbe, Will11Whitewater PLRequest
Ender's GameCard, Orson Scott20Hesston PLRequest
Enrique's JourneyNazario, Sonia8Hesston PLRequest
Ensemble, TheGabel, Aja15Emporia PLRequest
EragonPaolini, Christopher7Sterling HSRequest
Eruption: The Untold Story Of Mount St. HelensOlson, Steve13McPherson PLRequest
Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library: Mr. Lemoncello #1Grabenstein, Chris23Wellington PLRequest
Essential RumiJalal al-Din Rumi, Maulana18Dodge City PLRequest
Etched In SandCalcaterra, Regina7Hesston PLRequest
Etched In Sand : A True Story Of Five Siblings Who Survived An Unspeakable Childhood On Long IslandCalcaterra, Regina, author.10Newton PLRequest
Ethan FromeWharton, Edith10Wichita PLRequest
Eureka KeyThomson, Sarah L12Wellington PLRequest
Every Heart A Doorway /McGuire, Seanan.6Salina PLRequest
Every Note PlayedGenove, Lisa13Wellington PLRequest
Everything I Never Told YouNg, Celeste10Gridley PLRequest
Evie Drake Starts OverHolmes, Linda15Emporia PLRequest
Evolution Of ShadowsMalott, Jason Quinn10Wichita PLRequest
Extreme PreySandford, John10Wichita PLRequest
Fahrenheit 451Bradbury, Ray, 1920-12Newton PLRequest
Fahrenheit 451Bradbury, Ray13SCKLSRequest
Fahrenheit 451Bradbury, Ray17ValleyCenter PLRequest
Fahrenheit 451Bradbury, Ray9Wichita PLRequest
Fall: A Father's Memoir In 424 StepsMainard, Diago15Wellington PLRequest
Falling AngelsChevalier, Tracy14Wichita PLRequest
False PrinceNielsen, Jennifer A14Wellington PLRequest
Fear No EvilPatterson, James6McPherson PLRequest
Fellowship PointDark, Alice20Emporia PLRequest
Fifth BusinessDavies, Robertson8Independence PLRequest
Finding Dorothy :Letts, Elizabeth,7Salina PLRequest
Finding DuncanEick, Gretchen10Wichita PLRequest
First DawnMiller, Judith15Argonia PLRequest
Five People You Meet In HeavenAlbom, Mitch60Holton HSRequest
Five People You Meet In HeavenAlbom, Mitch10Wichita PLRequest
Five People You Meet In Heaven, TheAlbom, Mitch8Kingman Carnegie LibraryRequest
Flash, Vol. 1: Move ForwardManapul, Francis15Andover PLRequest
FlightSteger Strong, Lynn7McPherson PLRequest
Flight BehaviorKingsolver, Barbara10Gridley PLRequest
Flim Flam ManPenley, Dee11Haysville PLRequest
FlippedVan Draanen, Wendelin16Sterling HSRequest
Forest Bathing :Li, Qing,6Salina PLRequest
Foundations In Personal FinanceRamsey, Dave5Louisburg PLRequest
Founding Sisters And The Nineteenth AmendmentClift, Eleanor10Wichita PLRequest
Fountains Of Silence, TheSepetys, Ruta15Emporia PLRequest
Four Perfect Pebbles: A Holocaust StoryPearl, Lila5Sterling HSRequest
Four Winds, TheHannah, Kristin15Emporia PLRequest
Framework For Understanding PovertyPayne, Ruby K.15McPher WaESRequest
FrankensteinShelley, Mary7KCK PLRequest
FrankensteinShelley, Mary9Wellington PLRequest
Freak The MightyPhilbrick, Rodman16Argonia HSRequest
FreakonomicsLevitt, Steven D8Burlington PLRequest
Free Days With GeorgeCampbell, Colin9Emporia PLRequest
French Braid /Tyler, Anne,12Salina PLRequest
Friday Night LightsBissinger, H.G.4Ellinwood LibRequest
Friday Night Lights: A Town, A Team And A DreamBissinger, Buzz9Independence PLRequest
Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop CafeFlagg, Fannie10Wichita PLRequest
FrindleClements, Andrew12Emporia PLRequest
FrindleClements, Andrew12Ottawa PLRequest
FrindleClements, Andrew35Wellington PLRequest
From Scratch /Anderson-Dargatz, Gail,5Salina PLRequest
From The Mixed-up Files Of Mrs Basil E FrankweilerKonigsburg, E.L.12Ottawa PLRequest
FuriaSaied Maendez, Yamile8McPherson PLRequest
GALAXY ZACK: HELLO, NEBULON!O'Ryan, Ray10Wellington PLRequest
Games Of DeceptionMaraniss, Andrew11Independence PLRequest
Gaudy NightSayers, Dorothy L.13SCKLSRequest
Gentleman In MoscowTowles, Amor10Wichita PLRequest
George Brown, Class Clown: Super BurpKrulik, Nancy E11Wellington PLRequest
Gifted Hands (revised Kids' Edition)Carson, Ben20Hillsboro PLRequest
GileadRobinson, Marilynne10Wichita PLRequest
Girl From Felony BayThompson, J.E.8Moundridge PLRequest
Girl From HomeMitzner, Adam11Hutch PLRequest
Girl Named ZippyKimmel, Haven10Wellington PLRequest
Girl Named ZippyKimmel, Haven10Wichita PLRequest
Girl On The TrainHawkins, Paula10Winfield PLRequest
Girl Who Drank The MoonBarnhill, Kelly Regan10Wellington PLRequest
Girl With A Clock For A HeartSwanson, Peter11Hutch PLRequest
Girl With The Louding Voice :Daré, Abi,11Salina PLRequest
GirlsBusch, Frederick13SCKLSRequest
Girls In White DressesClose, Jennifer10Wichita PLRequest
Girls With Bright FuturesDobmeier, Tracy13Emporia PLRequest
GiverLowry, Lois27Sterling HSRequest
GiverLowry, Lois10Wichita PLRequest
Giver Of StarsMoyes, JoJo10Gridley PLRequest
Giver Of StarsMoyes, Jojo8Paola Free LibraryRequest
Giver Of Stars /Moyes, Jojo,12Salina PLRequest
Giver, TheLowry, Lois13Louisburg PLRequest
Glass CastleWalls, Jeannette12McPherson PLRequest
Glass HotelMandel, Emily9Emporia PLRequest
Glass Hotel /Mandel, Emily St. John,6Salina PLRequest
Go Set A WatchmanLee, Harper10Wichita PLRequest
God Spare The GirlsMckinney, Kelsey14Emporia PLRequest
Golden Gates: Fighting For Housing In AmericaDougherty, Conor10Emporia PLRequest
Golden Trail Of MurderPaxson, John10Hutch PLRequest
GoldfinchTartt, Donna15Peabody PLRequest
Gone With The WindMitchell, Margaret10SCKLSRequest
Good EarthBuck, Pearl8Paola Free LibraryRequest
Good EarthBuck, Pearl S10Wichita PLRequest
Good Soldiers, TheFinkel, David10Independence PLRequest
Grapes Of WrathSteinbeck, John42Sterling HSRequest
Grapes Of WrathSteinbeck, John10Wichita PLRequest
Grapes Of Wrath, TheSteinbeck, John20Independence PLRequest
Grass DancerPower, Susan15SCKLSRequest
Grasshopper JungleSmith, Andrew15Wellington PLRequest
GrasslandsSeely, Deb15Wichita PLRequest
Graveyard BookGaiman, Neil11Wellington PLRequest
Graveyard Book, TheGaiman, Neil10McPherson PLRequest
Great Circle /Shipstead, Maggie,6Salina PLRequest
Great ExpectationsDickens, Charles8Independence PLRequest
Great ExpectationsDickens, Charles37Sterling HSRequest
Great GatsbyFitzgerald, F. Scott19Pratt PLRequest
Great GatsbyFitzgerald, F. Scott11SCKLSRequest
Great Gatsby, TheFitzgerald, F Scott8Independence PLRequest
Great Gatsby, TheFitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940.13Newton PLRequest
Great Tales And Poems Of Edgar Allan PoePoe, Edgar Allan12Independence PLRequest
Gregor And The Prophecy Of Bane: Underland Chronicles #2Collins, Suzanne6Wellington PLRequest
Gregor The OverlanderCollins, Suzanne15McPherson PLRequest
Gregor The Overlander: Underland Chron­icles #1Collins, Suzanne14Wellington PLRequest
Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie SocietyShaffer, Mary Ann10Wichita PLRequest
Guernsey Literary And Potato Peel Pie Society, TheShaffer, Mary Ann7Independence PLRequest
Guest List :Foley, Lucy12Salina PLRequest
Guys Read: True StoriesScieszka, John20Ottawa PLRequest
Gym CandyDueker, Carl15Wellington PLRequest
H Is For HawkMacdonald, Helen8McPherson PLRequest
Half-broke HorsesWalls, Jeannette10Wichita PLRequest
Hamnet: A Novel Of The PlagueO'Farrell, Maggie10Emporia PLRequest
Handmaid's TaleAtwood, Margaret10KCK PLRequest
Handmaid's TaleAtwood, Margaret10Ottawa PLRequest
Handmaid's TaleAtwood, Margaret10Wichita PLRequest
Hard Times: An Oral History Of The Great DepressionTerkel, Studs10Independence PLRequest
Harlem Shuffle /Whitehead, Colson,12Salina PLRequest
Harris And MePaulsen, Gary20StJohn PLRequest
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's StoneRowling, J.K.15Hesston PLRequest
HatchetPaulsen, Gary14Wellington PLRequest
Hate ListBrown, Jennifer6Louisburg PLRequest
Hate U GiveThomas, Angie10Wichita PLRequest
Hate U Give /Thomas, Angie,10Salina PLRequest
Heart Is A Lonely HunterMcCullers, Carson11KCK PLRequest
Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius, AEggers, Dave8Independence PLRequest
Heartland: A Memoir Of Working Hard And Being Broke In The Richest Country On EarthSmarsh, Sarah5SCKLSRequest
HeartlessMeyer, Marissa6Wellington PLRequest
Hello, UniverseKelly, Erin Entrada11Wellington PLRequest
HelpStockett, Kathryn10McPherson PLRequest
HelpStockett, Kathryn11Wichita PLRequest
Help, TheStockett, Kathryn5Independence PLRequest
Henna Artist /Joshi, Alka,12Salina PLRequest
HermitRydahl, Thomas9Hutch PLRequest
Hero Of The EmpireMillard, Candice10Wichita PLRequest
Hidden FiguresShetterly, Margot Lee6Wellington PLRequest
Hidden FiguresLee Shetterly, Margot10Winfield PLRequest
Hidden Figures :Shetterly, Margot Lee,12Salina PLRequest
Hidden Figures: The American Dream And The Untold Story Of The Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win The Space RaceShetterly, Margot10Independence PLRequest
Hidden Valley Road :Kolker, Robert,12Salina PLRequest
High-end FinishCarlisle, Kate6Hutch PLRequest
Hijab Butch Blues :H, Lamya,6Salina PLRequest
Hillbilly ElegyVance, J.D.9McPherson PLRequest
Hillbilly ElegyVance, J.D.10Wichita PLRequest
History Of LoveKrauss, Nicole18Dodge City PLRequest
Hitchhiker's Guide To The GalaxyAdams, Douglas8Independence PLRequest
Hobbit, Or, There And Back Again, TheTolkien, J.R.R.9Independence PLRequest
Hole In My LifeGantos, Jack2Independence PLRequest
HolesSachar, Louis15SCKLSRequest
Holy IslandRoss, L.J.6Hutch PLRequest
Homegoing :Gyasi, Yaa,10Salina PLRequest
Honestly We Meant WellGinder, Grant10Emporia PLRequest
Honey WellMallette, Gloria8JunctionCityPLRequest
Hope's BoyBridge, Andrew9Wellington PLRequest
Horsewoman, ThePatterson, James5McPherson PLRequest
Hostage ThreeLake, Nick10SCKLSRequest
Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter And SweetFord, Jamie10Wichita PLRequest
HoursCunningham, Michael10Wichita PLRequest
House In The Cerulean Sea /Klune, TJ,6Salina PLRequest
House In The Cerulean Sea, TheKlune, T J10Emporia PLRequest
House Of The ScorpionFarmer, Nancy10KCK PLRequest
House On Mango Street, TheCisneros, Sandra.17Newton PLRequest
House With A Clock In Its WallsBellairs, John19Wellington PLRequest
How To Be A Family :Kois, Dan,10Salina PLRequest
How To Be An American HousewifeDilloway, Margaret6Paola Free LibraryRequest
How To Eat Fried WormsRockwell, Thomas15Whitewater PLRequest
How To Have Difficult Conversations About Race :Christian, Kwame,4Salina PLRequest
How To Make An American QuiltOtto, Whitney10Wichita PLRequest
How To Read Literature Like A Professor : A Lively And Entertaining Guide To Reading Between The LinesFoster, Thomas C., author.5Newton PLRequest
Hunger GamesCollins, Suzanne4Hays PLRequest
Hunger GamesCollins, Suzanne12Whitewater FRHSRequest
Hunger Games, TheCollins, Suzanne13Independence PLRequest
I Am MalalaYousafzai, Malala12Emporia PLRequest
I Am MalalaYousafzai, Malala10SCKLSRequest
I Capture The CastleSmith, Dodie10Wichita PLRequest
I Feel Bad About My NeckEphron, Nora7Linwood PLRequest
I Have A Bad Feeling About ThisStrand, Jeff20Hillsboro PLRequest
I Know Why The Caged Bird SingsAngelou, Maya10Wichita PLRequest
I Wish You All The Best /Deaver, Mason,6Salina PLRequest
Ice HarvestPhillips, Scott10Wichita PLRequest
Ida B And Her Plans To Maximize Fun...Hannigan, Katherine15McPherson PLRequest
IlluminatorVantrease, Brenda Rickman18Augusta PLRequest
Immortal Life Of Henrietta LacksSkloot, Rebecca10Wichita PLRequest
Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks, TheSkloot, Rebecca10Independence PLRequest
ImmortalistsBenjamin, Chloe11Emporia PLRequest
Impact Players :Wiseman, Liz,9Salina PLRequest
Imperfectionists: A Novel, TheRachman, Tom9Independence PLRequest
In Cold BloodCapote, Truman22Dodge City PLRequest
In Cold BloodCapote, Truman10Ottawa PLRequest
In Cold BloodCapote, Truman10Wichita PLRequest
In Cold Blood: A True Account Of A Multiple Murder And Its ConsequencesCapote, Truman7Independence PLRequest
In The BloodRobinson, Steve11Hutch PLRequest
In The Heart Of The Sea: The Tragedy Of The Whaleship EssexPhilbrick, Nathaniel10Gridley PLRequest
In The Presence Of My EnemiesBurnham, Gracia15SCKLSRequest
In The WoodsFrench, Tana10Wichita PLRequest
Inciting Joy :Gay, Ross,4Salina PLRequest
Indian In The CupboardBanks, Lynne Reid10Wellington PLRequest
InkheartFunke, Cornelia10McPherson PLRequest
Inside The O'Briens :Genova, Lisa.12Salina PLRequest
Insignificant Events In The Life Of A CactusBowling, Dusti9Mound City LibraryRequest
InternmentAhmed, Samira10McPherson PLRequest
Into The Beautiful NorthUrrea, Luis10Wichita PLRequest
Into The Beautiful North : A NovelUrrea, Luis Alberto.13Newton PLRequest
Into The WildKrakauer, Jon5Hays PLRequest
Into The WildKrakauer, Jon.7Newton PLRequest
Invention Of WingsKidd, Sue Monk20Pratt PLRequest
Invictus: Nelson Mandela And The Game That Made A NationCarlin, John7Independence PLRequest
Invisible Bridge: A Novel, TheOrringer, Julie10Independence PLRequest
Invisible Child :Elliott, Andrea,8Salina PLRequest
Invisible Kingdom.Wilson, G. Willow,6Salina PLRequest
Inward /Yung Pueblo4Salina PLRequest
Irena's ChildrenMazzeo, Tilar10Independence PLRequest
Irish Country DoctorTaylor, Patrick8McPherson PLRequest
Iron TrialBlack, Hollu13Wellington PLRequest
Island Of FireMcMann, Lisa7Wellington PLRequest
Island Of LegendsMcMann, Lisa7Wellington PLRequest
Island Of Silence: The Unwanteds #2McMann, Lisa7Wellington PLRequest
Island Of The Blue DolphinsO'Dell, Scott11HamiltonCoPLRequest
JackpotStone, Nic10McPherson PLRequest
James And The Giant PeachDahl, Roald12Ottawa PLRequest
Journals Of Lewis And ClarkBakeless, John (ed.)13Baldwin PLRequest
Journey Of Voices, AGladow, Diane15Emporia PLRequest
Joy Luck ClubTan, Amy10Ottawa PLRequest
Judy Moody & Stink: The Mad, Mad, Mad Treasure HuntMcDonald, Megan15McPherson PLRequest
Junie B Jones And The Stupid Smelly BusPark, Barbara15Wellington PLRequest
Junie B. Jones Smells Something FishyPark, Barbara11Wellington PLRequest
Just MercyStevenson, Bryan8McPherson PLRequest
Just MercyStevenson, Bryan15Wichita PLRequest
Just Mercy :Stevenson, Bryan,12Salina PLRequest
Kansas TroublesFowler, Earlene15Argonia PLRequest
Kansas TroublesFowler, Earlene10Wellington PLRequest
Katy's New WorldSawyer, Kim Vogel5KiowaCoPLRequest
Keeper Of Lost CausesAdler-Olsen, Jussi7Hutch PLRequest
Keeper Of The Lost Cities: Keeper Of The Lost Cities #1Messenger, Shannon12Wellington PLRequest
Killers Of A Certain Age /Raybourn, Deanna,10Salina PLRequest
Killers Of The Flower MoonGrann, David15Emporia PLRequest
Killers Of The Flower MoonGrann, David10Mound City LibraryRequest
Killers Of The Flower MoonGrann, David10Wichita PLRequest
Killers Of The Flower Moon :Grann, David.13Salina PLRequest
Killers Of The Flower Moon: The Osage Murders And The Birth Of The FBIGrann, David6Independence PLRequest
KindredButler, Octavia E.8Independence PLRequest
KindredButler, Octavia10Wichita PLRequest
Kinship Concealed: Amish Mennonite - African American Family ConnectionsCranford, Sharon15Wichita PLRequest
Kiss The GroundTickell, Josh20Pratt PLRequest
Kissing Bug :Hernández, Daisy,8Salina PLRequest
Kitchen HouseGrissom, Kathleen10Gridley PLRequest
Kitchen House, TheGrissom, Kathleen10Independence PLRequest
Kite RunnerHosseini, Khaled18Augusta PLRequest
Kite RunnerHosseini, Khaled10Wichita PLRequest
Kite Runner, TheHosseini, Khaled11Independence PLRequest
Kite Runner, TheHosseini, Khaled, author.5Newton PLRequest
Knock At Midnight :Barnett, Brittany K.8Salina PLRequest
Lab GirlJahren, Hope21Emporia PLRequest
Lab GirlJahren, Hope.10Newton PLRequest
Lab GirlJahren, Hope10Wichita PLRequest
Lake Of Dead LanguagesGoodman, Carol10Wichita PLRequest
Lamb: The Gospel According To Bif, Christ's Childhood PalMoore, Christopher7Independence PLRequest
Language Of FlowersDiffenbaugh, Vanessa10Gridley PLRequest
Language Of FlowersDiffenbaugh, Vanessa8Paola Free LibraryRequest
Language Of Flowers, TheDiffenbaugh, Vanessa10Independence PLRequest
Last BattleLewis, C.S.20Sterling HSRequest
Last Cattle DriveDay, Robert10Wichita PLRequest
Last Equation Of Isaac SeveryJacobs, Nova6Hutch PLRequest
Last Holiday ConcertClements, Andrew10McPherson PLRequest
Last LecturePausch, Randy10Wichita PLRequest
Last Lecture : Lessons In Living, ThePausch, Randy, author.7Newton PLRequest
Last Letter From Your LoverMoyes, JoJo10Wichita PLRequest
Last Moon DancingSchmidt, Monique Maria10Wichita PLRequest
Last Night At The Telegraph ClubLo, Malinda5Emporia PLRequest
Last Night At The Telegraph Club /Lo, Malinda,6Salina PLRequest
Last Painting Of Sara De VosSmith, Dominic19Pratt PLRequest
Late ShowConnelly, Michael11Hutch PLRequest
LatehomecomerYang, Kao Kalia10Wichita PLRequest
Latehomecomer : A Hmong Family Memoir, TheYang, Kao Kalia, 1980- author.16Newton PLRequest
Laura Ingalls Wilder: A BiographyAnderson, William6Independence PLRequest
Lava Red Feather Blue /Ringle, Molly,7Salina PLRequest
Lavender House /Rosen, Lev AC,6Salina PLRequest
Learning TreeParks, Gordon16El Dorado PLRequest
Learning TreeParks, Gordon8Haysville PLRequest
Learning TreeParks, Gordon10KCK PLRequest
Learning TreeParks, Gordon15SCKLSRequest
Learning TreeParks, Gordon10Wichita PLRequest
Learning Tree, TheParks, Gordon7Independence PLRequest
Leave The World Behind :Alam, Rumaan,12Salina PLRequest
Leaving TimePicoult, Jodi20Pratt PLRequest
Left Hand Of DarknessLeGuin, Ursula K10Wichita PLRequest
Left NeglectedGenova, Lisa8Paola Free LibraryRequest
Leisure Seeker, TheZadoorian, Michael9Independence PLRequest
Leopard Is LooseHarrigan, Stephen18Emporia PLRequest
Let Him GoWatson, Larry12Gridley PLRequest
Let The Great World SpinMcCann, Colum10Wichita PLRequest
Let The Great World Spin: A NovelMcCann, Colum5Independence PLRequest
Let's Take The Long Way Home: A Memoir Of FriendshipCaldwell, Gail10Independence PLRequest
Letter From Chicago /Kelly, Cathy,5Salina PLRequest
Liar, Temptress, Soldier, SpyAbbott, Karen10Emporia PLRequest
Liberating ParisBloodworth-Thomason, Linda10Wichita PLRequest
Library Book, TheOrlean, Susan8McPherson PLRequest
Life In A Jar: The Irena Sendler ProjectMayer, Jack6Emporia PLRequest
Life Is So GoodDawson, George10Wellington PLRequest
Life Of PiMartel, Yann5Paola Free LibraryRequest
Life Of Pi: A NovelMartel, Yann10Independence PLRequest
Life We BuryEskens, Allen11Hutch PLRequest
Life-changing Magic Of Tidying /Kond?, Marie,6Salina PLRequest
Liggle Way Of Ruthie Leming: A Southern Girl, A Small Town, And The Secret Of A Good Life, TheDreher, Rod10Independence PLRequest
Light Between OceansStedman, M L9Pratt PLRequest
Light Between OceansStedman, M L10Wichita PLRequest
Light Between OceansStedman, M L10Winfield PLRequest
Light We LostSantopolo, Jill15Emporia PLRequest
Lightning Thief, TheRiordan, Rick19Emporia PLRequest
Light­ning ThiefRiordan, Rick11Wellington PLRequest
Like Water For ChocolateEsquivel, Laura10Wichita PLRequest
LilaRobinson, Marilynne20Pratt PLRequest
Lilac GirlsKelly, Martha Hall10McPherson PLRequest
Lincoln HighwayTowles, Amor10paola Free LibraryRequest
Lincoln Highway, TheTowels, Amor14Emporia PLRequest
Line Becomes A River: Dispatches From The BorderCantu, Francisco15Wichita PLRequest
Lion, The Witch, And The WardrobeLewis, C.S.14Sterling HSRequest
Listener: A Novel, TheNayman, Shira10Independence PLRequest
Listening For LionsWhelan, Gloria15McPherson PLRequest
Little BeeCleave, Chris6Independence PLRequest
Little Faith Lift, ALaRoche, Patty7Mound City LibraryRequest
Little Fires EverywhereNg, Celeste10Gridley PLRequest
Little Fires EverywhereNg, Celeste20Pratt PLRequest
Little Fires Everywhere /Ng, Celeste.12Salina PLRequest
Little House On The PrairieWilder, Laura Ingalls19Independence PLRequest
Little Paris BookshopGeorge, Nina10Wichita PLRequest
Lives In RuinsJohnson, Marilyn12Wellington PLRequest
Lock Artist, TheHamilton, Steve10Independence PLRequest
Lock Every DoorSager, Riley15Emporia PLRequest
Log Of A CowboyAdams, Andy10Wichita PLRequest
LOLDreiling, Christy5Paola Free LibraryRequest
Long May She ReignThomas, Rhi­an­non7Wellington PLRequest
Long Petal Of The Se:Allende, Isabel,6Salina PLRequest
Long Petal Of The SeaAllende, Isabel10Emporia PLRequest
Long Way From ChicagoPeck, Richard12Sterling HSRequest
Long Way HomeBrierley, Saroo10Winfield PLRequest
LongitudeSobel, Dava10Wichita PLRequest
Looking For Salvation At The Dairy QueenGilmore, Susan9Paola Free LibraryRequest
Lord Of The FliesGolding, William10Ottawa PLRequest
Lord Of The FliesGolding, William33Sterling HSRequest
Lord Of The Flies: A NovelGolding, William10Independence PLRequest
LostRobothan, Michael10Hutch PLRequest
Lost Apothecary, ThePenner, Sarah19Emporia PLRequest
Lost ContinentBryson, Bill13Paola Free LibraryRequest
Lost In Translation: A Life In A New LanguageHoffman, Eva10Wichita PLRequest
Love In The Time Of CholeraGarcia Marquez, Gabriel4Hillsboro PLRequest
Lovely BonesSebold, Alice10Wichita PLRequest
Lying GameWare, Ruth10Gridley PLRequest
Magic School Bus: Takes A MoonwalkCole, Joanna7Wellington PLRequest
Magician's NephewLewis, C.S.16Sterling HSRequest
Magpie MurdersHorowitz, Anthony10Wichita PLRequest
Magpie Murders /Horowitz, Anthony,10Salina PLRequest
Maid :Land, Stephanie,6Salina PLRequest
Maid's VersionWoodrell, Daniel10Lebo PLRequest
Maine: A NovelSullivan, J Courtney10Wichita PLRequest
Maisie DobbsWinspear, Jacqueline7Pratt PLRequest
Maisie DobbsWinspear, Jacqueline14SCKLSRequest
Major Pettigrew's Last StandSimonson, Helen10Wichita PLRequest
Major Pettigrew's Last Stand: A NovelSimonson, Helen10Independence PLRequest
Making It HomeMoore, Liz11Independence PLRequest
Malibu Rising /Reid, Taylor Jenkins,6Salina PLRequest
Maltese FalconHammett, Dashiell10Wichita PLRequest
Maltese Falcon, TheHammett, Dashiell, 1894-1961.16Newton PLRequest
Man Called OveBackman, Fredrik10Gridley PLRequest
Man Called OveBackman, Fredrik10Paola Free LibraryRequest
Man Called OveBackman, Fredrik10Wichita PLRequest
Man Called OveBackman, Fredrik5Winfield PLRequest
Man Of Some ReputeEdmondson, Elizabeth9Hutch PLRequest
Man Who Loved Books Too Much: The True Story Of A Thief, A Detective, And A World Of Literary Obsession, TheBartlett, Allison Hoover10Independence PLRequest
Maniac MageeSpinelli, Jerry12Ottawa PLRequest
Many And Varied Paths :Durall, Michael (editor)8Salina PLRequest
Manywhere :Thomas, Morgan,6Salina PLRequest
March, Book OneLewis, John15Wellington PLRequest
Marley & MeGrogan, John17Hutch PHMSRequest
Marrow Thieves, TheDimaline, Cherie8McPherson PLRequest
Marrying Of Chani KaufmanHarris, Eve10SCKLSRequest
Mars RoomKushner, Rachel14Emporia PLRequest
Marsh King's DaughterDionne, Karen9Hutch PLRequest
MartianWeir, Andy10Winfield PLRequest
Mary, Called MagdaleneGeorge, Margaret13SCKLSRequest
MatchedCondie, Allyson Braith­waite7Wellington PLRequest
Maus: A Survivor's TaleSpiegelman, Art10Wichita PLRequest
Maybe CrossingsEick, Gretchen10Wichita PLRequest
Maze RunnerDashner, James9HamiltonCoPLRequest
Meet Me At The Museum /Youngson, Anne,6Salina PLRequest
Memoirs Of A GeishaGolden, Arthur10Wichita PLRequest
Memories Of MaliceRein, R.J.9Paola Free LibraryRequest
Memory Called EmpireMartine, Arkady6Hutch PLRequest
Memory Keeper's DaughterEdwards, Kim14SCKLSRequest
Memory Of LemonFertig, Judith10Emporia PLRequest
Mercy Watson To The RescueDiCamillo, Kate9Wellington PLRequest
Meryl Streep Movie ClubMarch, Mia10Wichita PLRequest
Meteor Men :Parker, Jeff,6Salina PLRequest
MiddlesexEugenides, Jeffrey5Hillsboro PLRequest
Midnight In The Garden Of Good And EvilBerendt, Michael8Hutch PLRequest
Midnight In The Garden Of Good And EvilBerendt, Michael10Wichita PLRequest
Midnight Library, TheHaig, Matt7McPherson PLRequest
Midsummer Night's DreamShakespeare, William49Sterling HSRequest
MiniaturistBurton, Jessie6Hutch PLRequest
Miracle At St AnnaMcBride, James10Wichita PLRequest
Miracle Creek /Kim, Angie,12Salina PLRequest
Miraculous Journey Of Edward TulaneDiCamillo, Kate12McPherson PLRequest
Miss Benson's BeetleJoyce, Rachel8McPherson PLRequest
Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar ChildrenRiggs, Ransom12Ottawa PLRequest
Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar ChildrenRiggs, Ransom12McPherson PLRequest
Moby DickMelville, Herman20Sterling HSRequest
Mole PeopleToth, Jennifer10Paola Free LibraryRequest
Moloka'iBrennert, Alan6Independence PLRequest
Monk Of MokhaEggers, Dave12Emporia PLRequest
Monogram MurdersHannah, Sophie11Hutch PLRequest
Monogram MurdersHannah, Sophie15Wellington PLRequest
Monstress.Liu, Marjorie M.6Salina PLRequest
Moon Butter RouteYoho, Max19Haysville PLRequest
Moon Is Down, TheSteinbeck, John8Independence PLRequest
Moon Over ManifestVanderpool, Clare10Wellington PLRequest
Mort :Pratchett, Terry,6Salina PLRequest
Motherless BrooklynLethem, Jonathan10Wichita PLRequest
Mountains SingMai, Nguyen Phan Que10Gridley PLRequest
Mr ChartwellHunt, Rebecca10Wichita PLRequest
Mrs Queen Takes The TrainKuhn, William6Paola Free LibraryRequest
Much Ado About NothingShakespeare, William26Sterling HSRequest
Murder Pass DueJames, Miranda13Hutch PLRequest
My AntoniaCather, Willa15SCKLSRequest
My AntoniaCather, Willa10Wichita PLRequest
My Boy Will Die Of Sorrow :Olivares, Efrén C.,8Salina PLRequest
My Brilliant FriendFerrante, Elena10Wichita PLRequest
My Grandfather Would Have Shot MeTeege, Jennifer10Wichita PLRequest
My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's SorryBackman, Fredrik8Emporia PLRequest
My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's SorryBackman, Fredrik11Paola Free LibraryRequest
My Ruby Slippers: The Road Back To KansasSeeley, Tracy10Wichita PLRequest
My Side Of The MountainGeorge, Jean Craighead12Ottawa PLRequest
My Side Of The Moun­tain: Moun­tain #1George, Jean Craighead8Wellington PLRequest
My Sister's KeeperPicoult, Jodi8Linwood PLRequest
My Sister's KeeperPicoult, Jodi10Wichita PLRequest
My Thoughts Be BloodyTitone, Nora12Wellington PLRequest
Mysterious Affair At StylesChristie, Agatha10Wichita PLRequest
Mysterious Benedict, TheStewart, Trenton Lee15McPherson PLRequest
Mystery Of The Lost CezanneLongworth, M.L.11Hutch PLRequest
NamesakeLahiri, Jhumpa10KCK PLRequest
Namesake, TheLahiri, Jhumpa11Newton PLRequest
Nanny DiariesMcLaughlin, Emma15SCKLSRequest
Never Enough FlamingosDiller, Janelle10Wichita PLRequest
Never Let Me GoIshigura, Kazuo10Wichita PLRequest
New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration In The Age Of ColorblindnessAlexander, Michelle15Wichita PLRequest
News Of The World /Jiles, Paulette,6Salina PLRequest
Next Thing On My List: A Novel, TheSmolinski, Jill8Independence PLRequest
Nick /Smith, Michael F.12Salina PLRequest
Nickel And Dimed: On (not) Getting By In AmericaEhrenreich, Barbara10Wichita PLRequest
NightWiesel, Elie9Independence PLRequest
NightWiesel, Elie9Paola Free LibraryRequest
NightWiesel, Elie35Sterling HSRequest
Night CircusMorgenstern, Erin11Burlington PLRequest
Night CircusMorgenstern, Erin5Wellington PLRequest
Night CircusMorgenstern, Erin10Wichita PLRequest
Night Circus :Morgenstern, Erin.11Salina PLRequest
Night TigerChoo, Yangsze15Emporia PLRequest
NightingaleHannah, Kristin12Emporia PLRequest
NightingaleHannah, Kristin8McPherson PLRequest
Nightingale /Hannah, Kristin.12Salina PLRequest
Nine And Counting: The Women Of The SenateMikulski, Barbara (ed.)10Wichita PLRequest
Ninety-ThreeHugo, Victor10Independence PLRequest
Ninth Street Women :Gabriel, Mary,6Salina PLRequest
No Gods, No MonstersTurnbull, Caldwell10Emporia PLRequest
No More Dead DogsKorman, Gordon12Ottawa PLRequest
No. 1 Ladies Detective AgencyMcCall Smith, Alexander15SCKLSRequest
No. 1 Ladies Detective AgencyMcCall Smith, Alexander10Wichita PLRequest
Not A Sound :Gudenkauf, Heather.10Salina PLRequest
Nothing To See Here /Wilson, Kevin,11Salina PLRequest
Number The StarsLowry, Lois13Wellington PLRequest
Nurse's Secret, TheSkenandore, Amanda20Emporia PLRequest
Ocean At The End Of The Lane /Gaiman, Neil.12Salina PLRequest
OddsO'Nan, Stewart11Wichita PLRequest
OdysseyHomer28Sterling HSRequest
Of Grave ConcernMcCoy, Max20Independence PLRequest
Old Man And The SeaHemingway, Ernest10Ottawa PLRequest
Old SchoolWolff, Tobias7KCK PLRequest
Old YellerGipson, Fred12Wellington PLRequest
Oliver's Surprise :Cronin, Carol Newman,6Salina PLRequest
On Folly BeachWhite, Karen10Wichita PLRequest
Once And For AllDessen, Sarah10Clifton-Clyde SchRequest
Once Upon A TownGreene, Bob13Louisburg PLRequest
Once Upon A Town :Greene, Bob.8Salina PLRequest
One And Only IvanApplegate, Katherine7Wellington PLRequest
One Crazy SummerWilliamsGarcia, Rita15Wellington PLRequest
One Hundred Saturdays: Stella Levi And The Search For A Lost WorldFrank, Michael8McPherson PLRequest
One Thousand White Women: The Journals Of Mary DoddFergus, Jim7Linwood PLRequest
Only Plane In The Sky :Graff, Garrett M.,6Salina PLRequest
Ordinary GraceKrueger, William Kent10Gridley PLRequest
Ordinary GraceKrueger, William Kent12Kingman Carnegie LibraryRequest
Ordinary GraceKrueger, William Kent11Louisburg PLRequest
Ordinary Grace :Krueger, William Kent.9Salina PLRequest
Original Adventures Of Hank The CowdogErickson, John12Ottawa PLRequest
Orlando :Woolf, Virginia,6Salina PLRequest
Orphan #8Alkemade, Kim Van8Paola Free LibraryRequest
Orphan TrainKline, Christina Baker10Independence PLRequest
Orphan TrainKline, Christina10Wichita PLRequest
Orphan Train /Kline, Christina Baker,8Salina PLRequest
Orphan's TaleJenoff, Pam10Gridley PLRequest
Other Birds /Allen, Sarah Addison,12Salina PLRequest
Other Typist, TheRindell, Suzanne5Derby PLRequest
Our Boys : A Perfect Season On The Plains With The Smith Center RedmenDrape, Joe.18Newton PLRequest
Our Boys: A Perfect Season On The Plains With The Smith Center RedmenDrape, Joe11Abilene PLRequest
Our Boys: A Perfect Season On The Plains With The Smith Center RedmenDrape, Joe8Ellinwood LibRequest
Our Boys: A Perfect Season On The Plains With The Smith Center RedmenDrape, Joe9Independence PLRequest
Our Boys: A Perfect Season On The Plains With The Smith Center RedmenDrape, Joe14SCKLSRequest
Our Boys: A Perfect Season On The Plains With The Smith Center RedmenDrape, Joe10Wichita PLRequest
Our Homesick Songs /Hooper, Emma,6Salina PLRequest
Our Wives Under The Sea /Armfield, Julia,6Salina PLRequest
Out Of My MindDraper, Sharon10Ottawa PLRequest
Out Of The DustHesse, Karen18SCKLSRequest
Outcasts UnitedSt John, Warren8Hesston PLRequest
OutlawedNorth, Anna15Emporia PLRequest
Outlawed :North, Anna,6Salina PLRequest
OutsidersHinton, S.E.17Argonia HSRequest
Paper Bag ChristmasMilne, Kevin Alan10Douglass PLRequest
Paris WifeMcLain, Paula10McPherson PLRequest
Park Avenue SummerRosen, Renee15Emporia PLRequest
Passage: A Novel, TheCronin, Justin10Independence PLRequest
Patriot After All : The Story Of A Chicano Vietnam Vet, ARamirez, Juan, 1949-10Newton PLRequest
Patty Jane's House Of CurlLandvik, Lorna10Wichita PLRequest
Peace Like A RiverEnger, Leif8Paola Free LibraryRequest
PeakSmith, Roland6Sterling HSRequest
PenderwicksBirdsall, Jeanne12McPherson PLRequest
People Of SparksDuPrau, Jean8Sterling HSRequest
Perfect EvilKava, Alex8Hutch PLRequest
Persian Pickle ClubDallas, Sandra10Wichita PLRequest
Personal Hell: Don't Ask, Don't Tell, AHamilton, R.J.10Independence PLRequest
Peter And The StarcatchersBarry, Dave10McPherson PLRequest
Pianist: The Extraordinary True Story Of One Man’s Survivial In Warsaw 1939-45, TheSzpilman, Wladyslaw8McPherson PLRequest
Pictures Of Hollis WoodsGiff, Patricia Reilly25Lebo PLRequest
Pilgrim Soul: A Quest For Self In An Age Of DisillusionmentMerriman, Mira Pajes10Wichita PLRequest
Pillars Of The EarthFollett, Ken5Hillsboro PLRequest
Pilot's WifeShreve, Anita15SCKLSRequest
PlainsongHaruf, Kent5Hillsboro PLRequest
PlainsongHaruf, Kent10Wichita PLRequest
Plant Them DeepThurlo, Aimee & David12Hutch PLRequest
Please Look After MomShin, Kyung-Sook10Wichita PLRequest
Pleasure Activism :brown, adrienne maree,8Salina PLRequest
Polaris RisingMihalik, Jessie7Hutch PLRequest
Pool Party From The Black LagoonThaler, Mike11Wellington PLRequest
Pope JoanCross, Donna Woolfolk15SCKLSRequest
PopularMMOs Presents Zombies' Day OffPat + Jen10Wellington PLRequest
Portrait Of A ConspiracyMorin, Donna Russo9Independence PLRequest
PossessionByatt, A. S.10Wichita PLRequest
Post Office On The Tokaido /Gorsuch, Greta,5Salina PLRequest
Pride And PrejudiceAusten, Jane, 1775-18177Newton PLRequest
Pride And PrejudiceAusten, Jane10Ottawa PLRequest
Pride And PrejudiceAusten, Jane9Wichita PLRequest
Princess Bride/ S Morgenstern's Classic Tale Of True Love And High Adventure, TheGoldman, William9Independence PLRequest
Prize Winner Of Defiance, Ohio :Ryan, Terry,6Salina PLRequest
Professor And The MadmanWinchester, Simon10Wichita PLRequest
Professor And The Madman: A Tale Of Murder, Insanity, And The Making Of The Oxford English Dictionary, TheWinchester, Simon6Independence PLRequest
Project Hail Mary :Weir, Andy,6Salina PLRequest
Promis Of A Pencil: How An Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary ChangeBraun, Adam7Independence PLRequest
PS, I Love YouAhern, Cecelia13Inman PLRequest
Pull Of The StarsDonoghue, Emma10Emporia PLRequest
Pursuit Of Alice ThriftLipman, Elinor10Wichita PLRequest
Queen Of Bad Dreams.Lore, Danny,6Salina PLRequest
Quiet American, TheGreene, Graham10Independence PLRequest
RagtimeDoctorow, E.L.7Independence PLRequest
RagtimeDoctorow, E L10Wichita PLRequest
Rain GodsBurke, James Lee10Wichita PLRequest
Ramona The PestCleary, Beverly12Ottawa PLRequest
Raven (graphic Novel Edition)Poe Edgar Allan17Wichita PLRequest
Readers Of Broken Wheel RecommendBivald, Katarina10Wichita PLRequest
Reading Lolita In TehranNafisi, Azar8KCK PLRequest
Reading Lolita In TehranNafisi, Azar10Wichita PLRequest
Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud To Our Children Will Change Their Lives ForeverFox, Mem24Park City PLRequest
Ready Player OneCline, Ernest15Holton PLRequest
Ready, Player OneCline, Ernest15Holton PLRequest
RebeccaDu Maurier, Daphne11Hutch PLRequest
RebeccaDu Maurier, Daphne10Wichita PLRequest
Reckless Oath We MadeGreenwood, Bryn10Wellington PLRequest
ReckoningGrisham, John14Hutch PLRequest
Record Of A Spaceborn Few /Chambers, Becky,8Salina PLRequest
Red Garden A Novel, TheHoffman, Alice8Independence PLRequest
Red MarsRobinson, Kim Stanley10Winfield PLRequest
Red Thread Of FateButler, Lyn20Emporia PLRequest
Redeeming LoveRivers, Francine12Halstead PLRequest
Remarkable CreaturesChevalier, Tracy9Emporia PLRequest
Remarkable CreaturesChevalier, Tracy10Independence PLRequest
Remarkably Bright CreaturesVan Pelt, Shelby8McPherson PLRequest
Rent CollectorWright, Camron11Paola Free LibraryRequest
Rest Of Her LifeMoriarty, Laura8Hillsboro PLRequest
Revolutionary Heart: The Life Of Clarina NicholsEickhoff, Diane8State LibRequest
Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot: The First Adventure NovelPilkey, Dav10Wellington PLRequest
Right StuffWolfe, Tom10Winfield PLRequest
Right Stuff, TheWolfe, Tom8Independence PLRequest
Ring Of HonorThomson, Sarah L6Wellington PLRequest
Ripley's GameHighsmith, Patricia10Hutch PLRequest
Rise :Sielski, Mike,8Salina PLRequest
Rise Of The Earth Dragon: Dragon Master­s #1West, Tracey12Wellington PLRequest
Rising ManMukherjee, Abir12Hutch PLRequest
RiverPaulsen, Gary21Sterling HSRequest
Robinson CrusoeDefoe, Daniel10Ottawa PLRequest
Rocket Boys (aka October Sky)Hickam, Homer11State LibRequest
Rode, TheMcCarthy, Cormac9Independence PLRequest
Roller GirlJamieson, Victoria10Lebo PLRequest
RoomDonoghue, Emma15Clifton-Clyde SchRequest
Room Of One's OwnWoolf, Virgina13SCKLSRequest
Room: A NovelDonoghue, Emma5Independence PLRequest
Rosemary :Larson, Kate Clifford,8Salina PLRequest
RubyBond, Cynthia10Gridley PLRequest
RulesLord, Cynthia18Argonia HSRequest
RulesLord, Cynthia10Wellington PLRequest
Rumspringa: To Be Or Not To Be AmishShachtman, Tom10Wichita PLRequest
Run, Rose, RunParton, Dolly7McPherson PLRequest
Runaway KingNielsen, Jenifer A7Wellington PLRequest
Running Out Of TimeHaddix, Margaret Peterson14Sterling HSRequest
Ruth's JourneyMcCaig, Donald10SCKLSRequest
SacajaweaHebard, Grace Raymond8Baldwin PLRequest
SadieSummers, Courtney10McPherson PLRequest
Saffron KitchenCrowther, Yasmin10KCK PLRequest
Saga Of The Bloody Benders: The Infamous Homicidal Family Of Labette County, KS, TheGeary, Rick1Independence PLRequest
Saga.Vaughan, Brian K.7Salina PLRequest
Saint Of Wolves And ButchtersGrecian, Alex11Hutch PLRequest
Same Kind Of Different As MeHall, Ron10Lebo PLRequest
Same Kind Of Different As MeHall, Ron and Moore, Denver with Hall, Deborah11Louisburg PLRequest
Same Sweet GirlsKing, Cassandra10Wichita PLRequest
Sandcastle GirlsBohjalian, Chris20Pratt PLRequest
Sandman :Gaiman, Neil,6Salina PLRequest
Sarah's KeyRosnay, Tatiana de10Independence PLRequest
Sarah, Plain And TallMacLach­lan, Pa­tri­cia12Wellington PLRequest
SaturdayMcEwan, Ian10Wichita PLRequest
Saving CeeCee HoneycuttHoffman, Beth8Paola Free LibraryRequest
Scarlet Letter, TheHawthorne, Nathaniel7Independence PLRequest
Scarlett LetterHawthorne, Nathaniel29Sterling HSRequest
School Is Alive: Eerie Ele­men­tary #1Chabert, Jack12Wellington PLRequest
Schulz And PeanutsMichaelis, David8KCK PLRequest
ScorpionsMyers, Walter Dean26Argonia HSRequest
Screaming StaircaseStroud, Jonathan10Wellington PLRequest
ScytheShusterman, Neal9McPherson PLRequest
Sea Of MonstersRiordan, Rick21Sterling HSRequest
SearcherFrench, Tana9Emporia PLRequest
Searcher /French, Tana,6Salina PLRequest
Secret Diary Of Hendrik Groen, 83 1/2 Years OldGroen, Hendrik8McPherson PLRequest
Secret Diary Of Hendrik Groen, 83 1/2 Years OldGroen, Hendrik6Wellington PLRequest
Secret GardenBurnett, Frances Hodgson20McPherson PLRequest
Secret Life Of BeesKidd, Sue Monk11Wichita PLRequest
Secret Lives Of Color /St. Clair, Kassia,10Salina PLRequest
Secret SchoolAvi12Ottawa PLRequest
See Also MurderSweazy, Larry D.8Hutch PLRequest
Sense And SensibilityAusten, Jane18Dodge City PLRequest
Sense Of An EndingBarnes, Julian10Independence PLRequest
Sense Of An EndingBarnes, Julian10Wichita PLRequest
Sentence :Erdrich, Louise,6Salina PLRequest
Separate PeaceKnowles, John44Sterling HSRequest
Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo :Reid, Taylor Jenkins,12Salina PLRequest
ShackYoung, William Paul10Moundridge PLRequest
ShackYoung, William Paul6ValleyCenter PLRequest
ShackYoung, William P.10Wellington PLRequest
ShackYoung, William Paul10Wellington PLRequest
ShackYoung, William Paul10Wichita PLRequest
Shack, TheYoung, William10Louisburg PLRequest
Shadow Of The Wind, TheRuiz Zafn, Carlos12Independence PLRequest
Shadow On The HillStaresinic-Deane, Diana3Linwood PLRequest
Shadow On The Hill: The True Story Of A 1925 Kansas MurderStaresinic-Deane, Diana14Independence PLRequest
Shadow ThroneNielsen, Jennifer A7Wellington PLRequest
Shakespeare's SecretBroach, Elise24Sterling HSRequest
Shanghai ShadowsRuby, Lois15Argonia PLRequest
Share In DeathCrombie, Deborah10Hutch PLRequest
Ship BreakerBacigalupi, Paolo9Clifton-Clyde SchRequest
Silent GirlsRickstad, Erid8Hutch PLRequest
Silent ScreamHarper, Karen10Hutch PLRequest
Silver EyesCawthon, Scott10Wellington PLRequest
Silver StarWalls, Jeannette10Gridley PLRequest
SilverviewLe Carre, John20Emporia PLRequest
Sirens Of TitanVonnegut, Kurt8Independence PLRequest
Sister StardustGreen, Jane20Emporia PLRequest
SisterlandSittenfeld, Curtis10Wichita PLRequest
Six Of CrowsBardugo, Leigh20Sterling PLRequest
Skink No SurrenderHiassen, Carl15Seneca PLRequest
Slaughterhouse-five, Or The Children's Crusade: A Duty-Dance With DeacthVonnegut, Kurt10Independence PLRequest
Small Great ThingsPicoult, Jodi9McPherson PLRequest
SnapBauer, Belinda12Hutch PLRequest
Snow Child, TheIvey, Eown12Kingman Carnegie LibraryRequest
Snow Flower And The Secret FanSee, Lisa10Wichita PLRequest
Snow In AugustHamill, Pete10Wichita PLRequest
Snow Melts In SpringVogts, Deborah7Independence PLRequest
Snow TreasureMcSwigan, Marie12Ottawa PLRequest
So B. ItWeeks, Sarah7Sterling HSRequest
So You Want To Talk About RaceOluo, Ijeoma, author.10Newton PLRequest
So You Want To Talk About RaceOluo, Ijeoma10Wellington PLRequest
Sold On A Monday :McMorris, Kristina.12Salina PLRequest
Soldier BoysHughes, Dean27Maize HSRequest
SoloistLopez, Steve10Hillsboro PLRequest
SoloistLopez, Steve8KCK PLRequest
Some Danger InvolvedThomas, Will8Hutch PLRequest
Some LuckSmiley, Jane10Wichita PLRequest
Someone Not Really Her MotherChessman, Harriet Scott15SCKLSRequest
Something Is Killing The Children.Tynion, James,7Salina PLRequest
Sometimes I LieFeeney, Alice10Wichita PLRequest
Soul Of An OctopusMontgomery, Sy25Emporia PLRequest
Souls Of Black Folk, TheDu Bois, W.E.B.5Independence PLRequest
Space Between UsUmrigar, Thrity N10Wichita PLRequest
Spare Parts : Four Undocumented Teenagers, One Ugly Robot, And The Battle For The American DreamDavis, Joshua25Hesston PLRequest
Spare Parts : Four Undocumented Teenagers, One Ugly Robot, And The Battle For The American DreamDavis, Joshua, 1974- author14Newton PLRequest
Sparrow, TheRussel, Mary Doria10Independence PLRequest
Spies Of The Balkans: A NovelFurst, Alan10Independence PLRequest
SpindleJohnston, E.K.11Wellington PLRequest
SpindleJohnston, E.K.11Wellington PLRequest
Standing In The RainbowFlagg, Fannie19Kingman Carnegie LibraryRequest
StargirlSpinelli, Jerry9Sterling HSRequest
Station Eleven : A NovelMandel, Emily St. John, 1979-10Newton PLRequest
StealPatterson, James6McPherson PLRequest
SteelheartSanderson, Brandon15Ellsworth PLRequest
Still AliceGenova, Lisa7Paola Free LibraryRequest
Still Alice: A NovelGenova, Lisa10Independence PLRequest
Still Life With BreadcrumbsQuindlen, Anna10SCKLSRequest
Stinky Spike The Pirate DogMeisel, Peter11Wellington PLRequest
Stolen LivesOufkir, Malika9KCK PLRequest
Stone Butch Blues :Feinberg, Leslie,6Salina PLRequest
Storied Life Of A.J. FikryZevin, Gabrielle11Emporia PLRequest
Storied Life Of A.J. FikryZevin, Gabrielle8Paola Free LibraryRequest
Storied Life Of A.J. FikryZevin, Gabrielle10Wichita PLRequest
StormbreakerHorowitz, Anthony20StJohn PLRequest
Story Of Edgar SawtelleWroblewski, David10Wichita PLRequest
Story Of Ty DurantPenley, Dee7Haysville PLRequest
Street Cat Named BobBowen, James10Wichita PLRequest
Street LawyerGrisham, John15SCKLSRequest
Stuart LittleWhite, E.B.13McPherson PLRequest
Sugar Queen, TheAllen, Sarah Addison7Independence PLRequest
Summer Before The War, TheSimonson, Helen8McPherson PLRequest
Summer Hours At The Robbers LibraryHalpern, Sue10Wichita PLRequest
Sun Also RisesHemingway, Ernest10Wichita PLRequest
Sun Down MotelSt. James, Simone9Emporia PLRequest
SunflowerEvans, Richard Paul8Linwood PLRequest
Surviving HitlerWarren, Andrea10Pratt PLRequest
Survivors, TheHarper, Jane14Emporia PLRequest
Sweet Far ThingBray, Libba8Hutch PHMSRequest
Sweetness At The Bottom Of The Pie: A Flavia De Luce Mystery, TheBradley, C. Alan10Independence PLRequest
Swift As DesireEsquivel, Laura15SCKLSRequest
Sycamore RowGrisham, John12Wellington PLRequest
Sympathizer, TheNguyen, Viet Thanh, 1971-10Newton PLRequest
Symptoms Of Being Human /Garvin, Jeff,8Salina PLRequest
Tale Of DespereauxDiCamillo, Kate15Ottawa PLRequest
Tales Of A Fourth Grade NothingBlume, Judy12Ottawa PLRequest
Tales Of Beedle The BardRowling, J.K.22Hutch PHMSRequest
Tales Of The CityMaupin, Armistead10Independence PLRequest
Tales Of The CityMaupin, Armistead10Wichita PLRequest
TallgrassDallas, Sandra10Independence PLRequest
Tao Of Raven :Hayes, Ernestine,12Salina PLRequest
Tattoos On The Heart : The Power Of Boundless CompassionBoyle, Greg.8Newton PLRequest
Team Of RivalsGoodwin, Doris Kearns10Wichita PLRequest
Tending RosesWingate, Lisa6Independence PLRequest
Thank You For Your ServiceFinkel, David10Independence PLRequest
Their Eyes Were Watching GodHurston, Zora Neale.14Newton PLRequest
Their Eyes Were Watching GodHurston, Zora Neale10Wichita PLRequest
Then We Came To The EndFerris, Joshua10Independence PLRequest
Theodore Boone: Kid LawyerGrisham, John19Wamego PLRequest
There ThereOrange, Tommy10Wichita PLRequest
These Is My WordsTurner, Nancy10McPherson PLRequest
These Is My Words :Turner, Nancy E.,10Salina PLRequest
These Tangled VinesMaclean, Julianne15Emporia PLRequest
They Both Die At The EndSilvera, Adam10McPherson PLRequest
Thief LordFunke, Cornelia5Little River PLRequest
Thin ManHammett, Dashiell10Wichita PLRequest
Things Fall Apart /Achebe, Chinua.11Salina PLRequest
Things They CarriedO'Brien, Tim15Clifton-Clyde SchRequest
Things They CarriedO'Brien, Tim8Whitewater FRHSRequest
Things They CarriedO'Brien, Tim10Wichita PLRequest
Things They Carried : A Work Of Fiction, TheO'Brien, Tim, 1946-16Newton PLRequest
Things They Carried: A Work Of Fiction, TheO'Brien, Tim10Independence PLRequest
Think Of A NumberVerdon, John10Wellington PLRequest
Thirteen Uncollected StoriesCheever, John10Wichita PLRequest
Thirteenth TaleSetterfield, Diane10Hutch PLRequest
Thirty Names Of Night :Joukhadar, Zeyn,6Salina PLRequest
This Golden StateWeisenberg, Marti20Emporia PLRequest
This Is Where I Leave YouTropper, Jonathan10Gridley PLRequest
This Land Of Snow :Morley, Anders,12Salina PLRequest
This Tender Land :Krueger, William Kent,6Salina PLRequest
This Town Sleeps :Staples, Dennis E.6Salina PLRequest
Those Who Save UsBlum, Jenna7KCK PLRequest
Those Who Save Us /Blum, Jenna.12Salina PLRequest
Though Not DeadStabenow, Dana6Hutch PLRequest
Thousand Autumns Of Jacob De Zoet: A Novel, TheMitchell, David10Independence PLRequest
Thousand Lives: The Untold Story Of Jonestown, AScheeres, Julia9Independence PLRequest
Thousand Splendid SunsHosseini, Khaled6Little River PLRequest
Thousand Splendid SunsHosseini, Khaled10Wichita PLRequest
Thread Collectors, TheEdwards, Shaunna10McPherson PLRequest
Three Cups Of TeaMortenson, Greg10Lebo PLRequest
Tiger's Wife: A Novel, TheObreht, Tea10Independence PLRequest
Time Traveler's WifeNiffenegger, Audrey7KCK PLRequest
Time Traveler's WifeNiffenegger, Audrey9Wichita PLRequest
Time With Leo /Bliss, John,5Salina PLRequest
To Kill A MockingbirdLee, Harper12Independence PLRequest
To Kill A MockingbirdLee, Harper15SCKLSRequest
Tobacco WivesMyers, Adele19Emporia PLRequest
Toliver's SecretBrady, Esther Wood12Ottawa PLRequest
Tomboy Survival Guide /Coyote, Ivan,6Salina PLRequest
Tongues On FireTowne, Joseph W.15Louisburg PLRequest
Topeka SchoolLerner, Ben15Emporia PLRequest
Tortilla FlatSteinbeck, John8Independence PLRequest
Touching Spirit BearMikaelsen, Ben28El Dorado PLRequest
Touching Spirit BearMikaelsen, Ben12Ottawa PLRequest
Touching Spirit BearMikaelson, Ben6Sterling HSRequest
Towers FallingParker Rhodes, Jewel10McPherson PLRequest
Tragedy Of Arthur: A Novel, ThePhillips, Arthur10Independence PLRequest
Trail Of Lightning /Roanhorse, Rebecca,6Salina PLRequest
Trains & LoversMcCall Smith, Alexander10Wichita PLRequest
Transcendent KingdomGyasi, Yaa10Emporia PLRequest
Transcendent KingdomGyasi, Yaa, author.12Newton PLRequest
Trapped In Death CaveWallace, Bill12Ottawa PLRequest
Tree Grows In BrooklynSmith, Betty7KCK PLRequest
Tree Grows In BrooklynSmith, Betty10Wichita PLRequest
Tree Grows In Brooklyn /Smith, Betty,8Salina PLRequest
True BizNovic, Sara15Emporia PLRequest
True Confessions Of Charlotte DoyleAvi12Ottawa PLRequest
True GritPortis, Charles10ValleyCenter PLRequest
True GritPortis, Charles11Wichita PLRequest
True Grit : A NovelPortis, Charles.13Newton PLRequest
True Story Of Hansel And Gretel, TheMurphy, Louise9Independence PLRequest
TruthwitchDennard, Susan7Wellington PLRequest
Tuck EverlastingBabbitt, Natalie8Little River PLRequest
Turn Of The KeyWare, Ruth9Hutch PLRequest
TurnaboutHaddix, Margaret Peterson17Sterling HSRequest
Turtle WarriorEllis, Mary7Paola Free LibraryRequest
Turtles All The Way DownGreen, John6Wellington PLRequest
Twelve Clues Of Christmas /Bowen, Rhys,10Salina PLRequest
Twelve Clues Of Christmas, TheBowen, Rhys,7Kingman Carnegie LibraryRequest
Twelve Years A SlaveNorthup, Solomon11Independence PLRequest
Two DanielsLeftoff, Judith10ValleyCenter PLRequest
UgliesWesterfeld, Scott8Hutch PHMSRequest
Unaccustomed EarthLahiri, Jhumpa7Independence PLRequest
UnbrokenHillenbrand, Laura15Ellsworth PLRequest
UnbrokenHillenbrand, Laura8Paola Free LibraryRequest
Unbroken :Hillenbrand, Laura.6Salina PLRequest
Unbroken: A World War II Airman's Story Of Survival, Resilience, And RedemptionHillenbrand, Laura10Independence PLRequest
Undaunted CourageAmbrose, Stephen13SCKLSRequest
Under The Udala Trees /Okparanta, Chinelo,8Salina PLRequest
Under The Whispering DoorKlune, T J10Burlington PLRequest
Under The Whispering DoorKlune, T J10Gridley PLRequest
Under The Whispering DoorKlune, T J9New Strawn PLRequest
Underground RailroadWhitehead, Colson10Wichita PLRequest
Unicorn Of The Sea: Narwhal And Jelly #1Clanton, Ben11Wellington PLRequest
UnlessShields, Carol10Wichita PLRequest
Unnecessary WomanAlameddine, Rabih24Pratt PLRequest
UnstoppableGreen, Tim20Hillsboro PLRequest
UnsubGardiner, Meg10Hutch PLRequest
UntamedDoyle, Glennon6Emporia PLRequest
Until TuesdayMontalvan, Luis Carlos11Louisburg PLRequest
Unwanted, TheDobbs, Michael8Independence PLRequest
UnwantedsMcMann, Lisa.12Wellington PLRequest
Vanishing Half /Bennett, Brit,12Salina PLRequest
Vanishing Half, TheBennett, Brit15Emporia PLRequest
Vanishing SeasonAnderson, Jodi Lynn7Wellington PLRequest
VerityHoover, Colleen11McPherson PLRequest
VerityHoover, Colleen15Paola Free LibraryRequest
Very Large Expanse Of Sea, AMafi, Tahereh10McPherson PLRequest
Vinegar Girl: The Taming Of The Shrew RetoldTyler, Anne6Emporia PLRequest
Vinegar Girl: The Taming Of The Shrew RetoldTyler, Anne10Wichita PLRequest
Virgin Of Small PlainsPickard, Nancy15Argonia PLRequest
Virgin Of Small PlainsPickard, Nancy10Dodge City PLRequest
Virgin Of Small PlainsPickard, Nancy8Paola Free LibraryRequest
Virgin Of Small PlainsPickard, Nancy11Wichita PLRequest
Virgin Of Small Plains: A Novel, ThePickard, Nancy12Independence PLRequest
Voyage Long And Strange: Rediscovering The New WorldHorwitz, Tony10KCK PLRequest
Waiting For Snow In HavanaEire, Carlos M N10Wichita PLRequest
Waking Up White, And Finding Myself In The Story Of RaceIrving, Debby15Wichita PLRequest
Walk In The WoodsBryson, Bill14Paola Free LibraryRequest
Walk In The Woods, ABryson, Bill10Louisburg PLRequest
Walk In The Woods: Rediscovering America On The Appalachian TrailBryson, Bill5KCK PLRequest
Walk With Me :Larson, Kate Clifford,6Salina PLRequest
Walking On TrampolinesWhiting, Frances8McPherson PLRequest
WarcrossLu, Marie7Wellington PLRequest
Warrior's HeartGreitens, Eric15Holton PLRequest
Warrior's HeartGreitens, Eric15Holton PLRequest
Water For ElephantsGruen, Sara11Clifton-Clyde SchRequest
Water For ElephantsGruen, Sara9Independence PLRequest
Water For ElephantsGruen, Sara10Wichita PLRequest
Water HorseKing-Smith12Ottawa PLRequest
Water With LemonFoco, Zonya20Holton PLRequest
Ways Of Looking :Ward, Ossian,12Salina PLRequest
Weird Sisters, TheBrown, Eleanor21Independence PLRequest
Well-lived Life :McGarey, Gladys,4Salina PLRequest
West With GiraffesRutledge, Lynda10Gridley PLRequest
Westing GameRaskin, Ellen24Sterling HSRequest
Westing GameRaskin, Ellen10Wellington PLRequest
What Alice ForgotMoriarty, Liane10Wichita PLRequest
What Happened To You? : Conversations On Trauma, Resilience, And HealingPerry, Bruce Duncan, 1955- author.12Newton PLRequest
What Kansas Means To MeAverill, Thomas Fox18CKLSRequest
What's Bred In The BoneDavies, Robertson8Independence PLRequest
When Books Went To War :Manning, Molly Guptill,8Salina PLRequest
When Dimple Met RishiMemon, Sandhya10Clifton-Clyde SchRequest
When Everyone Leads :O'Malley, Ed,10Salina PLRequest
When Stars Are ScatteredJamieson, Victoria10McPherson PLRequest
When The Moon Was Ours /McLemore, Anna-Marie,6Salina PLRequest
When Zachary Beaver Came To TownHolt, Kimberly Willis12Ottawa PLRequest
Where The Crawdads SingOwens, Delia7Burlington PLRequest
Where The Crawdads SingOwens, Delia13Emporia PLRequest
Where The Crawdads SingOwens, Delia8McPherson PLRequest
Where The Crawdads Sing /Owens, Delia.12Salina PLRequest
Where The Lost WanderHarmon, Amy10Emporia PLRequest
Where'd You Go, BernadetteSemple, Maria8Emporia PLRequest
Where'd You Go, Bernadette: A NovelSemple, Maria8Independence PLRequest
While I'm FallingMoriarty, Laura9Wellington PLRequest
White Fragility : Why It's So Hard For White People To Talk About RacismDiAngelo, Robin J, author.11Newton PLRequest
White Hot Hate :Lehr, Dick,8Salina PLRequest
White TeethSmith, Zadie10Wichita PLRequest
White TigerAdiga, Aravind6KCK PLRequest
Whole TruthPickard, Nancy10Wellington PLRequest
Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together In The Cafeteria? : And Other Conversations About RaceTatum, Beverly Daniel, author.10Newton PLRequest
Why Fish Don't Exist: A Story Of Loss, Love, And The Hidden Order Of LifeMiller, Lulu9Emporia PLRequest
Wicked + Divine.Gillen, Kieron,5Salina PLRequest
Wicked: The Life And Times Of The Wicked Witch Of The WestMaguire, Gregory19Pratt PLRequest
WildStrayed, Cheryl12Paola Free LibraryRequest
Wild And Precious Life :Windsor, Edie,8Salina PLRequest
Wild: From Lost To Found On The Pacific Crest TrailStrayed, Cheryl10Wichita PLRequest
Wilder Rose, AAlbery, Susan Wittig10Independence PLRequest
Wind Is Not A RiverPayton, Brian19Pratt PLRequest
Winter PeopleMcMahon, Jennifer13Hutch PLRequest
Winter Sea, TheKearsley, Susanna10Independence PLRequest
Winter's TaleShakespeare, William18Dodge City PLRequest
Wisdom Of Anxiety :Paul, Sheryl,6Salina PLRequest
Witch And WizardPatterson, James20Wamego PLRequest
Witch Of Blackbird PondSpeare, Elizabeth George12Ottawa PLRequest
With The Fire On HighAcevedo, Elizabeth10McPherson PLRequest
Wizard Of OZBaum, L. Frank6Wellington PLRequest
Wolf By WolfGraudin, Ryan7Wellington PLRequest
Wolf WinterEkback, Cecilia8Hutch PLRequest
Woman In Cabin 10Ware, Ruth7Hutch PLRequest
Woman In Cabin 10, TheWare, Ruth10Kingman Carnegie LibraryRequest
Woman In The WoodsConnolly, John10Hutch PLRequest
Woman Is No Man :Rum, Etaf,11Salina PLRequest
Woman Of Light :Fajardo-Anstine, Kali,6Salina PLRequest
Women In The CastleShattuck, Jessica10Emporia PLRequest
Women Of The Copper CountryRussell, Mary19Emporia PLRequest
Women Of The SilkTsukiyama, Gail7paola Free LibraryRequest
WonderPalacio, R.J.10Louisburg PLRequest
Wonder /Palacio, R. J.9Salina PLRequest
Wonderful Wizard Of Oz, TheBaum, L. Frank5Louisburg PLRequest
Words On Bathroom WallsWalton, Julia7Wellington PLRequest
World According To Humphrey, TheBirney, Betty12Emporia PLRequest
World Of Wonders :Nezhukumatathil, Aimee,6Salina PLRequest
Wow, No Thank You: EssaysIrby, Samantha10Emporia PLRequest
Wright BrothersMcCullough, David10Wichita PLRequest
Wrinkle In TimeL'Engle, Madeline7Hesston PLRequest
Wrinkle In TimeL'Engle, Madeline12Ottawa PLRequest
Wrinkle In Time, AL'Engle, Madeleine13Independence PLRequest
Writings On The WallAbdul-Jabbar, Kareem15Wichita PLRequest
Wuthering HeightsBronte, Emily10Ottawa PLRequest
Wynd.Tynion, James,6Salina PLRequest
Yankee Doodle /Welch, Loretta,6Salina PLRequest
Year In ProvenceMayle, Peter10Wichita PLRequest
Yellow Birds: A Novel, ThePowers, Kevin10Independence PLRequest
Yerba BuenaLaCour, Nina10Emporia PLRequest
You Exist Too Much :Arafat, Zaina,6Salina PLRequest
You Made A Fool Of Death With Your Beauty: A NovelEmezi, Akwaeke7McPherson PLRequest
You've Come A Long Way MaybeSanchez, Leslie10Wichita PLRequest
Young Mungo :Stuart, Douglas,6Salina PLRequest
Your Leadership EdgeO'Malley, Ed10Andover PLRequest
Zami, A New Spelling Of My Name /Lorde, Audre,6Salina PLRequest
Zeke And Ned: A NovelMcMutry, Larry10Independence PLRequest
Zookeeper's WifeAckerman, Diane10McPherson PLRequest
Zookeeper's WifeAckerman, Diane13Paola Free LibraryRequest

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